Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mamootot (mammoth)

I had a great experience last night went to a show called Mamootot - a modern dance show by the Israeli dance company Bat sheva. The show took place at Susanne Dellal's rehearsal studio. The audience sat along all four sides of the studio stage and by this the dancers were exposed to the observing eyes of the audience on all four sides of the open stage area. Repeatedly the dancers would take a seat in the audience, becoming like us outsiders to the action.

"Audience is seated in a square. Inside the square - the dance. Nine dancers, sound track of eclectic Japanese music, no text, no video, no probs. For me, a research of new possibilities of movement, structure, organisation, timing, tension, relationship of audience-performers, humor, repetition, dimensions, virtuosity, stillness, emotional development, sexuality, slowness, unison, speed, improvisation, overstatement, understaement, place I never have been before ..." Ohad Naharin

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