Friday, December 18, 2009

Enameling and jewelry

The use of enameling in jewelry is one of my favorite techniques, especially when it comes to jewelry from the art nouveau period.
Art nouveau was the period when enameling was for the first time combined in jewelry by artist jeweler Rene Lalique, by this he initiated a revolution in French jewelry design.
Lalique asserted that his work should be valued for its design and craftsmanship, rather than for the value of the materials used. And god the beautiful pieces he made.

Art Noveau
 Sunflowers & Maiden's head 
enamel & rose diamond bayadere
 pendant by R Lalique c1896-98

So what is enameling? Enameling is the fusion of a special powdered glass to metals in high temperature usually 750 - 850 degrees Celsius. The glass can be applied using different techniques, but all methods use heat to melt the powder.

An Israeli artist who uses enameling in a different way is Shirly Bar Amotz.
in her work she reflects the cultural and political situation in Israel she uses precious stones gold and silver

Shirly Bar-Amotz
Brooch: Precious stone 2008
Fine gold, enamel
8 x 4 x 0,2 cm
From series "A minor bump at the wing "

More examples of the different ways enameling can be used in jewelry - 

Regina Aradesian
Ring, Necklace, Bangle Set - 2008
35mm x20mm, 35mm x20mm, 95mm x 90mm

Pink Rings - 2006 - 07
Sterling silver and enamel
10mm high

 I guess I have found another challenge in my new journey of jewelry designing and I am definitely going to learn the enameling technique to use in my jewelry.

Have a great weekend

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