Saturday, November 28, 2009

The seven fingers jeweler

The work  of jeweler Tom Herman is amazing - I just love his classical romantic style, but what is more amazing is the fact that as a child Tom lost 3 of his fingers in a farm accident, so he is making all of this beauty with 7 fingers (and that is why his company named - "Seven fingers jewelers").

Tom uses an ancient technique called chasing which is usually being used together with the Repoussé technique - while repouosse technique is used on the reverse side of the piece to create a raised design on the front, chasing technique is used on the front to refine the design. There is no loss of metal in this technique since the metal is being stretched locally. In an interview he gave to the blog "for the love of jewelry" Tom tells that he finds this technique so ungodly easy to do once you put your hand to it and once you know how to hold your work, it becomes very easy but it does take practice though. 



Great work  great inspiration.

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